My favourite pattern is RAW (click for link) in all its versions. This time I wanted to go cubic and tried cubic right-angle weave. I thought it would be difficult but it isn’t. It just takes patience for it’s slower to make than its two-dimensional sister. If you know how to make RAW, you can do CRAW. Every CRAW cube is made of five RAWs. CRAW is basically just lots and lots of RAWs. And I mean a lot!

What you really need to know to do this is four numbers you keep count of: 3-2-2-1. Let me show you what I mean. After reading this post you’ll know how to do CRAW.



To get started you need a needle, thread, scissors, beads and a thin stick. The stick can be for example a cocktail stick. I used a cotton bud stick that I carved even thinner. The Fireline fishing thread is excellent for beading.



Take four beads on thread and roll them into a ring…



…like this. Tighten the ring by taking the thread several times through the beads to make it nice and firm.



Place the ring around the stick. This is the first side of your first cube. The stick makes it easier to control the piece and keep the shape and keep track of where you come from and where you’re going next.



Now come along the numbers I mentioned. 3-2-2-1 means that there are now four sides to make, and first you add three beads, and roll them. Fourth one is already on its place. They lie on the face of the stick. If you have done basic RAW earlier, you may remember that walls and floors are partly shared.



It’s starting to shape up. Then we continue to next side.



We added three a moment ago, now comes the second number. It means you add two beads and roll.



Turn the next side on, add two again.



The fourth of the four side. Now only one bead to add. Now you have your first cube. I’ve marked one bead with a green dot to help you with the next step, I’ve given you a landmark. In the next picture you’ll see the same bead with the same dot.



Time to start the next round.



The new round is just like the one we just finished. Here we go again: 3-2-2-1, and starting with the three.


Add two.



Add two for the second time.



One more and the round is finished.



Row of cubes starts to take form. Keep going.


Lady Violet

This is a necklace made with CRAW.