Remember this pretty Blackie that appeared in my blog some time ago? I got positive comments about it. Then I promised to write a tutorial about how I made it. And here it as promised. I like doing easy jewelry.

Parempi koru

Näillä alkuun

This is what you’ll need, plus one pair of pliers.

  • thread
  • seedbeads (size 8-11)
  • knot covers
  • big beads
  • scissors
  • a clasp

Ensimmäiset helmet

Take three threads, about 60 cm each. Bind them together with a double knot. Slip three beads on every thread. The beads don’t need to be exactly the same size, and yet the bracelet falls together quite nicely.

Pieniä ja iso

After small beads, set a bigger bead next to them. All threads go through the big bead. It’s up to you, how big your big bead is. In the black one, big bead was 6 mm in diameter and here it’s 10 mm. As you can see, it changes things a lot. With smaller big beads you get harmony, bigger ones make things sparkle. In my opinion, big and sparkly make pretty bracelets.

Hyvässä vauhdissa

Then you’ll add another set of small beads and a big one. Keep repeating until you have nearly reached the desired lenght. Leave some space for extra beads and clasp.

Putki kiinni

When your piece is long enough, make a closing knot. You can use a pin as a helper to place the knot to its position.

Muutama lisää

In picture 3 you’ll see that I made two knots, although the plan was to make a double knot. These kind of small mistakes are easy to cover with extra beads.


An easy way to make the knot cover to stay at its place is to tie a tiny bead into the knot. The bead must be big enough not to fall through the hole but small enough to let the cover to close. If you put multiple knots here, you don’t necessarily need glue. Take one thread on one hand and two on the other. Make 3 or 4 knots, that should be enough. Of course, glue makes it extra secure.

Kansi kiinni

Knot cover is closed with pliers.

Leikkaa loput

The extra thread is cut off.

Kiinnitä lukko

Do the same in both ends and add a clasp.

Finally, I made matching earrings by using the same pattern.