Right-angle weave, aka RAW, is a very simple pattern. If you know how to count to four and you have ever seen a story house or row house, you’ll get it right away.

In this example, each bead is one element of an apartment, a ”roof”, ”floor” or ”wall”. In the photo you see where you should be right now and because this pretends to be cool augmented reality, there’s a red line that points you to right direction, where to go next. Basic rule: always turn left or right in the corner, never straight on.


Place four beads on thread. Then take your thread again through the beads. (And again, if you happen to have a neurosis and you want to be sure.) It makes a nice circle. Don’t worry if your beads don’t behave. Mine didn’t either, but I told them they will be on a public blog so soon they made an exemplary circle. If it doesn’t work, try bribery.



When you have your circle(ish), take the thread through two more beads, half a round. We have made a flat for you, yay! Then we start another circle just like the first one. But who’s going to move in there?



Oh no, you got yourself a neighbour. The peace is ruined! And there’s more. Her apartment needs only three elements because she intends to share a wall with you. (Cheap!)



Now you have two flats sharing a wall. Then your neighbour says she wants to have a bigger flat, one with two floors in it. She takes the thread through two more beads and she’s heading to the roof.



She takes three elements. Her roof becomes ceiling and floor, then she needs just two walls and a new roof.



Now you see your chance to get back at her. You want also make a second floor for yourself, because you just can’t have smaller flat than your neighbour. But now you can use her wall as a shared wall and since you already have a ceiling/floor, you need only two elements for your new floor. (Cheap!, she says). And the competition of a bigger flat can continue for ever. You may now expand your flat by making a garage next to your apartment or increase floors as much as you like.



If you want to make a new and bigger house, you can double the amount of bricks. I used four beads per block earlier, here you see them made of eight beads. The idea is exactly the same. Another variation is to make it with two needles. Sometimes that might feel like an easier way, the result is the same. The choice is yours.


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