Last time I showed you a tutorial of Scarlett O’Hara’s earrings. Then a friend suggested they would look even better in purple. She was so right! So I got myself some dark purple twin beads. It’s nice to play with the beads and to find shapes and patterns. Here’s one of the great discoveries.

This one is a bit tricky and easy at the same time. At least I found that it requires certain way of thinking. At first I felt like I had to think two beads forward and backward all the time. When you get the idea, nothing could be easier. It’s basically just zigzagging from one side to another. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Violetta!


Violetta, aloitus

You’ll need

– thread and needle
– seedbeads size 11
– twin beads or superduos
– scissors
– a clasp

Violetta, 1

Begin with a stopper. Then take two twin beads and bring your thread through them.